Welcome to Aikido Kenshin-Kai's official website! As always, there are the usual teething problems but we've been greatly encouraged with the support you've been giving. That makes us excited and motivated to put in our best effort to build this community of Aikidokas!

Do take the time to browse around this site. This is the news section which we'll update regularly. As the old saying goes, "No News is Good News". So if things seem to be quiet around here, don't worry! If you are curious to know how things are, drop us an email or pop by any of our training sessions. Your company means a lot to us!

We hope to use this website as a platform to connect within our community, and to connect our community with the global community of Aikidokas. Should you have feedback, or would like to find out more about us, please feel free drop us a message. Also, do share this website with your friends and family to grow and build this community!